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About Us


To empower students with utmost dedication and academic resources to acquire, demonstrate and value knowledge to contribute positively in the global world.


To build relationships that focus on shared responsibilities between students and their families.

Who we are?

Founded in 2008, London Cambridge School has established heritage of academic excellence, experienced faculty and well-rounded curriculum.

London Cambridge’s goal is to provide its students with a rigorous academic curriculum supported by a variety of structured learning experiences and co-curricular activities. The London Cambridge’s programme is designed to prepare students for success in institutions of higher learning and to instill the drive and ability to make a positive contribution to the society in which they live.

Started from pre-primary in 2008, London Cambridge school grew as full time schooling in such a way that warrants absolutely no tuition. This leads to saving both time and energy for parents who bear the brunt of sub-standard schooling and over-dependence on tuition. Now the students can utilise their evening in more productive way rather than rushing towards tuition centre.

London Cambridge School recognise that students today have many choices for their future but also face serious challenges including economic uncertainty, social inequality and environmental degradation. Academic excellence alone will not prepare them for the world they will inherit and London Cambridge School strives to develop its students into accomplished, thinking and contributing members of society.